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Some Wildlife Photography Award Finalists

A hunting Pallas’ cat in the Mongolian grasslands.

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A mother polar bear and her cubs in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba,

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A humpback whale feeding off the coast of Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

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Some well-disguised reindeer in Svalbard, Norway.

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An orangutan being forced to box in a show in Safari World, Bangkok.

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Nature – Images

Interesting Images

Smooth balls of ice rolled ashore on a beach in Finland and piled up like a gigantic clutch of turtles’ eggs. Although fairly rare, these ice eggs form similarly to sea glass or rounded stones that wash up on the beach, said BBC Weather expert George Goodfellow. Chunks of ice break off from larger ice sheets in the sea and either taxi to shore on the incoming tide or get pushed in by gusts of wind at the water’s surface, he explained. Waves buffet the ice chunks as they travel, slowly eroding their jagged edges into smooth curves. Seawater sticks and freezes to the forming eggs, causing them to grow like snowballs do as they roll across the ground. Once the ice chunks reach shore, pounding waves tend to buff out any lingering kinks on their surfaces, leaving behind nothing but sleek and shiny “eggs” for curious tourists to happen upon.

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Nature – Images

Interesting Images

A recent sunset photo stunned viewers. An unusual optical effect made the sunset resemble a split-screen image showing two very different skies side by side.

Though it looks unnatural, the so-called split sunset wasn’t created with filters or Photoshop. Rather, it was caused by the shadow of a large cloud below the horizon that prevented sunlight from striking the clouds that were closer to viewers on the ground. The photo was shot in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

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Nature – Images

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A still from a remote video camera shows two bald eagle chicks with a parent on a nest in the Angeles National Forest near Big Bear in southern California, USA.

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On a more mischievous note, an octopus has snatched a dishwashing brush during spring cleaning at the Sea Life aquarium in Timmendorfer Strand, northern Germany.

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Living ‘Balloon on a String’

The depths of the Indian Ocean are home to some bizarre creatures — including one that looks like a balloon on a string. Explorers captured a video of this gelatinous creature in a recent dive to the Java Trench, the bottommost part of the Indian Ocean.

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Swimming in the open ocean entangled this loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) in a dangerous trap posed by a discarded fishing net. Luckily, photographer Eduardo Acevedo encountered the turtle near the Canary Islands, and released her from the net after capturing this striking image.

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This tiny sea slug, the Cyerce nigra was photographed near the Philippines. This photo allows us to enjoy the visual feast of a creature too small to appreciate with the naked eye.

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Fireball at Yosemite

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As meltwater plunges 1,500 feet (457 meters) to the ground from the El Capitan rock formation in February, the setting sun throws its light against the falls. If the sky is clear and the sun is positioned precisely in the western sky, that setting sunlight paints the the water with fiery orange, yellow and pink light.

Dragon and Phoenix Auroras over Iceland

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Sometimes, at sunset, the sun appears to suddenly and briefly change color. Blink, and you’ll miss it.

A green flash is a phenomenon in which part of the sun appears to suddenly change color for about 1 or 2 seconds. The brief flash of green light is seen more often at sunset than at sunrise.

This fleeting spectacle is caused by the refraction of sunlight, which is particularly significant at sunset and sunrise, when the light travels through more of the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere bends the sunlight passing through it, separating the light into its different colors, much like a prism bends and splits sunlight into rainbows.

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This Mary River Turtle happens to be a tiny, green-mohawked turtle living in Australia.

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In November, NASA satellites caught a glimpse of arguably the most poignant possible symbol of Earth’s climate-hobbled future: A lone iceberg, shaped like a coffin, drifting into warm waters to die forever.

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