5.2 Earthquake hits southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

5.0 Earthquake hits south-western Siberia.



Several wildfires burn across California, USA.

Wildfire in Kelowna, near Edmonton, Canada.

A farmer in Greece shoots two spectators videotaping a wildfire after an argument that they should rather have been helping to fight the fire.


Floods and Storms

Typhoon Saola dumps torrents of rain on the Philippines. 7 people have been reported to have died with several others missing. 40 000 people in Manila evacuated.

More heavy rain in an already flooded North Korea causes more flooding.

25 people die in a mudslide in a China mine.

Tornado hits near the summit of Mount Evans in the Colorado mountains, USA.


Tropical storm Damney forms south-east of Japan.

Tropical storm Saolo brings rain and strong winds to northern Luzon in the Philippines on its way to Taiwan and southern China.

At least 6 tornadoes were spawned in Pennsylvania and New York on Thursday during last week’s storms.

Several tornadoes were also spawned in storms that hit southern Alberta, Canada on Saturday.


6.6 Earthquake hits the New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea. No tsunami alert issued.

6.0 Earthquake hits offshore Chiapas, Mexico. Near the coast of Guatemala.

5.7 Earthquake hits Myanmar.

5.7 Earthquake hits Primor’ye, Russia.

5.2 Earthquake hits the Sunda Strait, Indonesia.



Outbreak of Erysipelas, a disease normally found in pigs has been discovered in the Northwest Territories in Canada having killed at least 100 muskox. This is the first time the disease has been found in muskox in northern Canada. The disease can infect humans; symptoms including itchy hands – the disease responds to treatment with antibiotics.