Cholera – Algeria

From 7 August to 6 September, 217 cases with cholera-like symptoms have been hospitalized, two of the patients died (CFR: 0.9%). Cases have been reported from seven provinces (Wilayas). Of these, 83 have been confirmed as Vibrio cholerae serogroup O1 Ogawa at the Institut Pasteur Algiers. More than half of the confirmed cases have been registered in Blida Province, followed by Algiers, Tipaza, Bouira, Médéa and Ain Defla.

A total of 21, including three private, water sources in the affected areas were tested for bacterial contamination, and 10 of these were deemed inappropriate for human consumption. One of the water sources tested positive for V. cholerae and was condemned for human consumption.

West Nile virus

European health officials reported an additional 150 human West Nile virus cases during the past week, bringing the total human cases to 948 this year. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the number of cases are up three-fold compared to previous years.

Anthrax – Uganda and Turkey

Uganda – More than 1,000 animals have died following the outbreak of anthrax in Arua District. Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) in Entebbe laboratory analysis has confirmed the outbreak of the disease. 28 people were infected including two deaths.

Turkey – 

Turkey’s Diyarbakir Chamber of Medicine said a 10-year-old boy died from the eastern city of Bitlis reported as the first death due to anthrax. Some 130 people have been hospitalized due to suspicions of anthrax infection.

Anthrax outbreaks have hit Turkey due to 4,000 cattle imported from Brazil since greater Eid in August, with infected animals observed in Istanbul, the capital Ankara, as well as in several other cities.



China: Human H5N6 avian influenza

The China National Health Commission reported an additional human case of avian influenza A(H5N6) in Guangxi today. The patient had contact with live poultry before the onset of the disease.

Animal anthrax outbreak in the Hautes-Alpes, France

The deadliest anthrax outbreak in the past two decades is sweeping through the French countryside, leaving dozens of dead cows, sheep and horses in its wake, according to news reports.

Anthrax is a serious infection caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis, and 28 farms in the Hautes-Alps region in the southeastern part of France have been affected since the outbreak was first detected two months ago. The first known case was identified on June 28 in the village of Montgardin, where it eventually killed six cows. Since then, 50 animals have died, but no cases in humans have yet emerged.


Spain: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever

On 8 August 2018, a case of Crimea-Congo virus infection, acquired locally, was reported in Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Castile and León. The affected man claimed to have been bitten by a tick on July 24, while participating in a hunt in a rural area.

Anthrax – China

Local government officials in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province are reporting an outbreak of cutaneous anthrax. As of Friday, one patient has been discharged and 13 others are undergoing hospital treatment in three cities. Local authorities are examining the pathogens. A total of 818 sheep in the affected and high-risk areas in Huanan and Yilan counties have been investigated.

Ebola – DR Congo – Update

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Ministry of Health (MOH) has provided updated information on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in North Kivu province that shows there is now a total of 49 cases of hemorrhagic fever have been reported in the region, 22 confirmed and 27 probable. 53 suspected cases are under investigation. One new confirmed EVD death has been reported in Beni, bringing the death total to 38.


Dengue Fever – Philippines

The city of Baybay, Leyte, south of Tacloban has declared a state of health emergency earlier this week due to an increase in dengue fever cases, according to the Philippine News Agency. According to regional health officials, 170 cases have been reported, including three fatalities.

Cholera outbreak stalks Cameroon

The Government of Cameroon says 53 cases of cholera have been confirmed across three regions close to the border with Nigeria since the disease outbreak was reported on May 18. In its latest epidemiological update, the government identified the cholera strain as vibrio cholerae 01 sero-type Inaba. It is widely believed to have come from Nigeria where cholera remains endemic in a number of states.

STI’s – France

Between 2012 and 2016, the number of new diagnoses of Chlamydia and gonococcal infections is increasing, according to the results of the LaboIST1 survey published by Public Health France. In fact, data show that the number of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea diagnoses in 2016 has tripled compared to 2012.

Rift Valley Fever Warning – Kenya

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a travel alert for people going to Kenya due to a Rift Valley fever outbreak. Health officials have reported an ongoing outbreak of RVF in Kenya that began in June 2018.

Anthrax – Queensland, Australia

A case of anthrax in cattle was confirmed in the Dirranbandi-St George area in early July 2018. This detection is the fourth incident in cattle in the region since 2016. Animal owners in southern Queensland – particularly in the Dirranbandi to St George area – should be alert to anthrax and the risks to humans and livestock.


More measles in Ukraine

According to the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in the 25th week of 2018, 1273 people (487 adults and 786 children) suffered from measles. Since the beginning of the year, 23,131 people – 9,327 adults and 13,804 children – have contracted measles.

Anthrax – South Dakota, USA – Update

In a follow-up on the anthrax situation in South Dakota, State Veterinarian Dr. Dustin Oedekoven says anthrax is responsible for recent death loss in a second cattle herd, this time in in Bon Homme County. Four adult cattle died suddenly last week in the herd, which had not been vaccinated against anthrax.

The comes after reports of 8 deaths in a Clark County herd.


Poliovirus – Papua New Guinea

The National Department of Health of Papua New Guinea and the World Health Organization (WHO) today confirmed that the strain of poliovirus first detected in a child from Morobe Province in April is now circulating in the same community. On 22 June 2018, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the same virus was also isolated from stool specimens of two healthy children from the same community. Papua New Guinea has not had a case of wild poliovirus since 1996, and the country was certified as polio-free in 2000.

Anthrax – South Dakota, USA

For the first time this year, anthrax has been reported in cattle in South Dakota. State Veterinarian Dr. Dustin Oedekoven has confirmed that 8 cows died from a herd of 87 unvaccinated cattle in Clark County.

Measles – Chad

Since the start of the year, 400 cases, including 14 deaths, were reported as of 20 May. Three districts have reached the epidemic threshold. A measles outbreak has been declared on 30 May in five districts of Chad (Bokoro, Gama, Ati, Am dam and Goz Beida), where 474 cases and 18 deaths have been reported. Health authorities on 8 June declared a measles epidemic after 540 cases and 23 deaths were recorded. The disease has erupted in 89 districts, 10 of which have reached the epidemic level.

Dysentery, Bilharzia – Zambia

The Zambian government says 17 cases have been confirmed following the recent outbreak of dysentery at a girls-only technical school in the Lusaka Metropolitan Province. Although 84 suspected cases are still under management, the government says the dysentery outbreak has largely been contained.

Meanwhile, the local disease surveillance unit is investigating a possible bilharzia outbreak in the Lukwipa area of the Rufunsa district. The investigations have just started.

India – Foot and Mouth Disease

Outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the bovine animals of Sonawari belt of Bandipora districts has caused distress among the farmers of the area with dozens of animals affected.

The diseases broke out two months ago and since then no official from the animal husbandry department has reached out to those affected. People say the veterinary centres are under staffed and lack medicines for such kind of diseases.


Newcastle Disease – USA

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has detected virulent Newcastle disease in a small flock of backyard exhibition chickens in Los Angeles County. This is the first case of virulent Newcastle disease, previously referred to as exotic Newcastle disease, in the U.S. since 2003.

Anthrax – Uganda

Outbreaks of human and animal anthrax have been reported in the Arua, Kween and Kiruhura districts of Uganda. Goats, sheep and cattle have been affected by the outbreaks. The UN Children’s Fund says ten animal and twelve human cases had been reported.

Ebola – DRC – Update

Democratic Republic of Congo’s health ministry says there is one new death from Ebola, bringing to 26 the number of deaths from the deadly outbreak in Equateur province in the country’s northwest.

Four new cases have been confirmed as Ebola, said the health ministry in a statement released early on Sunday. A total of 46 cases of hemorrhagic fever have been reported in the current outbreak, including 21 confirmed cases of Ebola, 21 probable and four suspected.


Uganda: Anthrax

An anthrax outbreak that began last month in Rhino Camp refugee settlement in Arua District has now sickened 19 people, including one fatality. The disease has now spread to Odupi and Pawor sub-counties and there is fear that it will spread to Ogoko, Omugo, Bileafe, Uriama and Okollo sub-counties due to uncontrolled movement of animals. More than 100 head of cattle have been killed in Pawor, Odupi and Rhino Camp Sub-county.

India: Anthrax

Thirteen suspected cutaneous anthrax cases have been treated at a Visakhapatnam hospital in the past week and medical officials say the patients are all stable. A spokesperson with King George Hospital said it was believed that the victims belonging to a local village, contracted the infection after reportedly eating the meat of a dead cow a week ago.


Anthrax – China

At least three human anthrax cases have been reported in north-central China, including one fatality. The outbreak of cutaneous anthrax is reported in two towns of Zhongwei City, Ningxia region where the patients had consumed tainted cow and mutton. The two surviving patients are currently hospitalized and stable.


Anthrax: Turkey

A suspected anthrax outbreak in the Black Sea coast city of Trabzon, in northeastern Turkey has affected 73 people, killing one. An anthrax-tainted cow was butchered in the city’s Akçabat district and the meat was distributed to neighbours.

Diarrhoea in Kolkata, India

As many as 650 people in six municipal wards in Kolkata were suffering from diarrhoea caused by an alleged contamination of drinking water and 28 of them were admitted in a city hospital since Saturday night, an official said on Sunday. Kolkata Municipal Corporation collected samples from different places to detect the cause of the outbreak.


Anthrax – Kenya

Four people from the town of Nyeri have been hospitalized with suspected anthrax after consuming tainted meat.

Indonesia – Diptheria

Indonesian health officials have reported a substantial increase in diphtheria cases in 2017, calling it an “extraordinary event”. 593 diphtheria cases have been reported from 95 cities in 20 provinces of the country, including 32 fatalities.


Anthrax – Kenya

It appears an anthrax-tainted cow served at a feast resulted in some 100 people being treated for the bacterial infection at the Longisa County Referral Hospital in Bomet. Seven people were admitted to the hospital in serious condition. All the patients are said to have fallen ill after their neighbour slaughtered a cow that had suddenly died and invited them for a feast.


Anthrax in Namibia Spreads

In a follow-up on the anthrax outbreak in Bwabwata National Park in Namibia that killed scores of hippos, local media now report that approximately 20 dead buffalo were counted during an aerial assessment.

In a statement this week, the Environment Ministry said that the authorities are working around the clock to find an appropriate action to take. “We urge the public to refrain from touching and using the meat for consumption as this might be catastrophic,” they said.

Monkey Rescue

Scientists are scrambling in the wake of Hurricane Maria to save the more than 1,500 rhesus macaques that live on a small island off Puerto Rico.

The monkeys have been studied there since the 1930s, when they were imported from Southeast Asia.

Maria wiped out Cayo Santiago’s lush vegetation and wrecked the structures that provided fresh water.

Scientists from several universities have launched a relief effort to rebuild the research infrastructure and assure there is ample food for the monkeys until the island’s natural vegetation grows back.


Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – Saudi Arabia

Between 31 August and 26 September 2017, the national IHR focal point of Saudi Arabia reported nine additional cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), including four deaths. In addition, four deaths from previously reported cases were reported.

Madagascar: Plague

The Madagascar Health Ministry reported over the weekend new plague counts for the country and it shows the number of cases have risen to 343, including 42 deaths as of Oct. 7.

Anthrax: Namibia

A suspected anthrax outbreak has killed some 107 hippopotami at a north-eastern Namibia game park, according to media reports. The outbreak at Bwabwata National Park in Namibia’s Zambezi region began one week ago when ten hippos died.


Anthrax downs 42 hippos in Tanzania

More than 40 hippopotami in Ruaha National Park have succumbed to the lethal bacterial disease, anthrax, according to a local media report. A spokesman for the south-central sanctuary said this is the largest number of hippos to have been killed in the park by the disease.