Syphilis – Montana, USA

A national increase in syphilis cases continues to impact Montana and public health officials are concerned. During the first couple of months in 2018, nine new syphilis cases were reported in Montana, continuing the 2017 outbreak experienced when 49 cases were reported.

Rift Valley fever – South Sudan

The RVF outbreak was first suspected in December 2017, following three deaths in humans with a history of severe hemorrhagic illness in Thonabutkok village, Yali Payam, Yirol East County, Eastern Lakes State.

Abortions in goats and sheep; deaths/disease in goats and cows were also reported and epidemiologically linked to the human cases.

From 7 December 2017 to 9 March 2018, a total of 40 suspected human Rift Valley fever cases have been reported in the Eastern Lakes State.

Measles – the Philippines

The Philippines Department of Health has reported a near tripling of measles cases during the first month of 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, according to a Measles Disease Surveillance Report recently published. A total of 877 suspect measles cases were reported nationwide from Jan. 1 to Feb. 3, 2018.



Measles – Philippines

The Department of Health (DOH) has reported a three-fold increase in the number of suspected measles cases nationwide during the first month of the year. A total of 877 [suspected] measles cases were reported nationwide from Jan. 1 to Feb. 3, 2018. There were 12 deaths reported during the period.


Taiwan – Rat Lungworm

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) announced five confirmed cases of angiostrongyliasis, or rat lungworm, in foreign workers from Thailand. All five cases have consumed raw or undercooked apple snails and they are all currently hospitalized for treatment.

Rabies in Thailand

Animal rabies in Thailand is at outbreak levels so far in 2018, with 359 confirmed cases of rabies reported in 37 provinces since the beginning of the year.

Measles – Europe – Update

European health officials reported 1,073 cases of measles from 15 countries in Jan. 2018. Greece and France reported the most cases with 431 and 231 cases reported, respectively. Other countries reporting a significant number of cases in January include Italy (168) and Romania (100).

Rabies – South Africa

Three people including two children have so far succumbed to rabies in KwaZulu-Natal after a recent outbreak in the province. KZN’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed via a press release on Friday that there has been a spike in rabies cases in the province with reported instances affecting the South Coast, Durban, eMpangeni and Richard’s Bay.


Measles spreads in the Philippines

Following measles outbreak in Zamboanga and Davao Cities, officials in Negros Oriental declared a measles outbreak today, according to a Philippine media report. The outbreak was declared after cases were reported in a number of areas, including Dumaguete City. The exact number of cases has not been disclosed.

Listeria – Australia

In a follow-up on the listeriosis outbreak in Australia linked to tainted rockmelon, health officials report two additional cases and one death. The number of people affected by the national listeria outbreak has risen to 17 with two more interstate cases linked to contaminated rockmelon.

Hepatitis A – Australia

In a follow-up on the hepatitis A outbreak in Victoria, Australia, cases of hepatitis A continue to increase in Victoria, with one death having been confirmed as part of the outbreak. There are now 58 confirmed outbreak cases, seven probable cases and one death.


Measles – Ukraine

In a follow-up to a report on the measles outbreak in Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (computer translated) puts the outbreak case tally at 3,554 in January– 1,165 adults and 2,389 children. The majority of cases were registered in Ivano-Frankivsk (804), Odesa (640), Zakarpattia (549), Chernivtsi (444) and Lviv (242) regions.

India – Monkey Fever

At least 19 people have died from an outbreak of ‘monkey fever’ in India, according to local reports. Kyasanur Forest disease (KFD), spread by ticks, has struck down 322 people since the killer outbreak was confirmed. Victims often report a fever or severe bleeding, but it can lead to tremors, mental disturbances.


Measles – Greece

Hundreds of additional measles cases have been reported in Greece during the past month, according to Greek health officials data. As of Feb. 1, The Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) put the case tally at 1362 (775 confirmed, 475 probable and 112 possible) since last year.


Measles – Papua, Indonesia

Indonesian health teams are scrambling to attend to the deadly measles outbreak in Asmat district of Papua province. In the past few months, around 60 children have died from the disease in the remote district where malnutrition cases are also soaring.

Since reports of the extent of outbreak filtered out of Papua earlier this month, Indonesia’s government has moved quickly to attend to the situation, but is copping criticism for neglecting the health of Papuans over many years. The number affected by malnutrition had surpassed 10,000, which was exacerbating the measles problem.


Measles – Italy

According to the Ministero della Salute, there were 4,991 cases of measles from 21 regions, including four deaths in Italy in 2017. 87.5% of cases for which the vaccination status is known were non-vaccinated and 7.2% had only one dose of vaccine.

From 1 December 2016 to 30 November 2017, 14,393 cases of measles were reported in 30 EU / EEA countries, of which 60% confirmed in the laboratory. All countries except Latvia and Malta reported cases during this period.


Measles – Ukraine

In the first two weeks of 2018, The Ukraine Health Ministry (computer translated) has already put the case tally at 1285 adults and children (856).

The highest number of cases was recorded in Ivano-Frankivsk (275), Chernivtsi (274), Transcarpathian (194) and Odesa (157) oblasts. In the city of Kiev (Kyiv) during this period 84 patients were registered.

Yellow fever – Brazil

The government of Minas Gerais state in southeastern Brazil decreed Saturday a public health emergency situation in three regional state for six months because of yellow fever. The measure covers the regional health units of the municipalities of Belo Horizonte, Itabira and Ponte Nova – 94 cities in total. From July last year to the beginning of this year, 22 cases of the disease were confirmed in the state. According to the State Department of Health, of these, 15 resulted in death. During this period, 40 suspected cases were ruled out, and 46 cases were investigated in 24 municipalities.

Lassa Fever – Nigeria

A fresh case of Lassa fever in Lokoja claimed the life of a seven-month-old baby. The medical doctor, who was said to have had contact with the patient has apparently contracted the disease and has been placed on the danger list.


Measles – Indonesia

Some 59 children have died from a combination of measles and malnutrition in the remote Asmat region, Papua province, Indonesia. The Associated Press reports that Indonesian health authorities are struggling to battle the measles outbreak due to a lack of access to remote areas, insufficient personnel and the high mobility of villagers hampered treatment and vaccination efforts. The measles outbreak, which began in Sep 2017, has affected 568 people and hospitalized 175.


Measles – Ukraine – Update

In a follow-up to a recent report about measles in Ukraine, the Health Ministry said Friday that some 3,382 cases of measles were detected in Ukraine during 11 months of 2017, including five deaths. The five measles fatalities were reported from Odesa region.

Uganda – Haemorrhagic Fever

Four people have now died in Uganda this week from an ‘eye-bleeding fever’ similar to Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic fever, but Health Department officials remain vague about a possible outbreak of the disease in efforts to avoid panic among the population.


Measles – Greece

In a follow-up on the measles outbreak in Greece, up to 28 December 2017, 922 measles cases have been notified in Greece, according to the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Black Quarter Disease – Kenya

Black quarter disease has killed more than 100 cows in Tana River. It had been mistaken for anthrax but veterinary officers have confirmed it is black quarter disease. There is a serious shortage of vaccines in the country.


Yellow fever – Brazil

Between July and mid-October 2017, a total of 71 suspected yellow fever cases were reported in São Paulo State, Brazil.

From July to early November, 580 epizootics in non-human primates (NHPs) were reported in São Paulo State, with an increase in the number of cases reported from 10 September 2017. Of these, 120 were confirmed for yellow fever, 233 are under investigation, 74 were classified as undetermined, and 153 were ruled out.

These are the first human cases of yellow fever that have been reported in Brazil since June 2017. These cases, alongside the occurrence of epizootics in the urban area of São Paulo City and in municipalities that were previously considered not at risk for yellow fever, are a public health concern.

Measles – England

There is a measles outbreak reported in Leeds and Liverpool, according to the NHS yesterday. While they offer no specifics on cases and locations on their social media posts, NHS advises people to ensure they and their children are vaccinated.


Venezuela – Measles

First it was malaria and diphtheria, now in Venezuela’s Bolivar state measles has reared it’s ugly head. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), between the last week of August and the first of October, Bolivar State reported 570 cases of Measles, specifically in nine parishes of the Caroní municipality.

Yemen – Cholera

The problems in Yemen continue to get worse as they face the largest humanitarian crisis and the worst food crisis in the world.

In addition to the largest outbreak in the world, a cholera outbreak that has sickened more than 920,000 and killed about 2,200, the Nov. 6 closure of the Yemen’s airspace, sea and land ports by the Saudi-led coalition (SLC) has worsened the already shrinking space for the lifesaving humanitarian work. It is blocking the delivery of vital humanitarian assistance to children in desperate need in Yemen. And it is making a catastrophic situation for children far worse.

Tanzania – Cholera

An outbreak of cholera in Tanzania has left 18 dead in two months, the health ministry said Saturday, warning the situation could worsen as the rainy season continues.

The ministry said the outbreak had left “18 dead out of 570 cases recorded” between September 1 and October 30, and urged local authorities to take measures to avoid the disease from spreading.