Hand, foot, and mouth disease outbreak at Johns Hopkins

The Maryland Department of Health has declared an outbreak of the viral infection, hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) on the Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus after scores of cases have been reported since September. The Wall Street Journal reports that 125 cases have been reported to date.

Hepatitis A – Florida, USA

Florida is the latest in a series of States to report an increase in Hepatitis A cases. As of Oct. 22, 58 cases have been reported in Pinellas County and more than 180 in Florida.



Measles – Brazil

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a new travel alert yesterday for Brazil due to an outbreak of measles. As of August 4, 2018, health officials in Brazil have reported over 5,000 cases of measles, of which more than 1,000 are confirmed.

Hand, foot and mouth disease – Malaysia

In an update on the hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) outbreak in Malaysia this year, health officials have reported a 127 percent increase in cases over 2017 for the same period. From Jan.1 – Aug. 25, 2018, the Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 55,391 HFMD cases. The death toll remains at two.


Cholera – NIger

The government of Niger says four people have died while 123 cases are being monitored following the outbreak of cholera in the Maradi region on July 13. The outbreak is concentrated in the Madarounfa district, which sits on the border with Nigeria.

Measles – Mauritius

The World Health Organization (WHO) says 3 people have died while 453 cases of measles have been confirmed since the latest outbreak hit Mauritius late in March.

Schistosomiasis – Myanmar

On Saturday, Union Minister announced the number of schistosomiasis cases has risen into the hundreds. The first cases of schistosomiasis in the country were discovered in March 2018, with about 59 cases in Sittwe Town of Rakhine State. Now officials say that more than 500 cases have been seen Inle, Shan State and Rakhine.

Diarrhoea – Philippines

A Philippine News Agency report last week stated 169 people were sickened with diarrhea and vomiting symptoms recently in Sibulan, Negros Oriental due to what is believed to have been fecal contamination of water sources. Majority of the cases are from Barangay Looc, Sibulan, near a quarry site. Water samples were found to have fecal contamination.

Malaysia – Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Malaysian health officials reported an additional 3,852 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) during the week of July 15-21, bringing the outbreak total for the year to 35,886 cases.


Swine flu outbreak spreads in Namibia

The Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services has advised the public to take precautions to avoid contracting the spreading influenza H1N1 or swine flu virus.

In a public notice issued on July 17, acting Permanent Secretary Petronela Masabane said the virus had spread across the country since the disease outbreak was reported early in June. The ministry said to date, 70 cases have been confirmed through laboratory tests, with 35 coming from the capital Windhoek while the rest came from six other local government areas.

Foot and Mouth Disease – Botswana

A leading regional livestock farmers association says efforts to control the foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in Northern Botswana is being complicated by the presence of nearly 22 000 free-ranging stray cattle.

The outbreak, which has affected large areas of communal farmlands around the Lake Ngami area, was confirmed on June 10. The Ngamiland Farmers Association said that while farmers could account for their cattle and ensure they are vaccinated, large herds of stray cattle were roaming through the region and complicating disease control efforts.

Hand, Fit and Mouth Disease – Malaysia

The hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) outbreak has gone “beyond the danger level” in Penang, according to the state Health Committee. On Wednesday (July 18), a further 88 children had contracted the disease, with an earlier 127 cases reported on Tuesday (July 17). From January to July 18 (Wednesday), 2,170 cases had already been reported.


Rift Valley Fever – Kenya

Kenyan health authorities in the north-eastern Wajir County have banned the movement of cloven-hoofed animals and the consumption of meat and milk following a localised outbreak of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) that has killed at least 4 people and 40 domestic animals.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – Malaysia

The Malaysia Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) reported this week on the current Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) situation, which shows an increase in the number of cases. As of May 26, 2018, the number of cases reported was 21,644 cases.


Hepatitis A – USA

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an outbreak of hepatitis A linked to a frozen berry mix sold at Costco has grown to 87 people with illnesses in eight states.

Thailand – Dengue Fever and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreaks

Thai Health Ministry officials say that since the beginning of the year, there has been a total of 39,029 people treated for dengue, of whom 44 have died. Half the patients were under the age of 15.

They are even making the dire prediction of 100,000 cases and 100 deaths by year’s end.

That number would be significantly higher than the huge numbers of 2012 where Thailand health officials recorded 74,250 cases of the mosquito borne viral disease and 79 deaths.

In addition to the dengue outbreak, health authorities are reporting more than 11,000 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease during the first five months of 2013.

Data from the Ministry’s Disease Control Department shows a total of 11,678 people with the majority being children.

Singapore Dengue Outbreak Worsens

As weekly dengue-fever infections surge to a record, Singaporean health officials are stepping up efforts to beat back a tropical-disease outbreak that could become the city-state’s worst ever.

More than 9,400 people here have been infected by the mosquito-borne dengue virus so far this year, resulting in two deaths, according to the National Environment Agency. Weekly counts surged to an all-time high of 820 cases in the week that ended June 8, topping the previous record of 713 cases in 2005.


The hand, foot, mouth disease outbreak in Washoe County, Nevada, USA continues to spread with over 400 cases reported.

The disease is spread by direct contact with nose and throat discharges (coughing, sneezing), saliva, or fluid from blisters.

There is no treatment or vaccine for the disease, so the best defense is prevention.



29 schools have been closed in Bangkok, Thailand as the hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak spreads. 12 500 cases have been confirmed in Thailand this year.

East coast fever outbreak kills more than 1 200 livestock in Kenya.



A third case of flesh-eating disease has been confirmed in the south-eastern USA [Georgia].

An outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease in Iowa, USA continues to spread with dozens of cases being treated by doctors.

Hundreds of refugees from the Sirung volcano eruption in Indonesia suffer from respiratory ailments while seeking shelter in temporary camps.