Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

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In the Southern Hemisphere – Tropical cyclone (tc) 11s (Esami), located approximately 890 nm east-southeast of Port Louis, Mauritius, is tracking east-southeastward at 10 knots.

Tropical cyclone (tc) 10s (Diane), located approximately 171 nm east of Port Louis, Mauritius, is tracking east-southeastward at 16 knots.


Argentina – Flooding caused by a storm and heavy rainfall has caused the evacuation of more than 200 people in Tucuman province of northwest Argentina.

Peru – Flash floods and landslides triggered by heavy rainfall have affected the departments of Arequipa and Huanuco in Peru, damaging more than 80 homes.

Spain – The death toll from Storm Gloria in Spain rose to 13 people on Friday while four people were still missing as freak weather continued to batter the east of the country. The Balearic Islands and eastern regions including Catalonia and Valencia have borne the brunt of the storm now entering its fifth day. Winds of more than 140 km per hour, waves reaching more than 10 metres and heavy snow and rainfall have unleashed chaos, crippling transport and destroying infrastructure. Seawater has caused devastation as it smashed into and entered coastal towns while the heavy downpour has also prompted fear that swollen rivers could burst out of their beds and flood major cities including Girona. Elsewhere, such as in parts of Valencia, more than 80 cm of snow has accumulated.

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