Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Gl sst mm

In the Atlantic Ocean: Hurricane Leslie is located about 1105 mi…1780 km wsw of the Azores with maximum sustained winds…75 mph…120 km/h. Present movement…s or 175 degrees at 10 mph…17 km/h.

Hurricane Michael is located about 90 mi…145 km sw of Panama City Florida and about 90 mi…145 km wsw of Apalachicola Florida with maximum sustained winds…145 mph…230 km/h. Present movement…n or 10 degrees at 13 mph…20 km/h.

Tropical Storm Nadine is located about 485 mi…785 km wsw of the southernmost Cabo Verde islands with maximum sustained winds…50 mph…85 km/h. Present movement…nnw or 330 degrees at 7 mph…11 km/h.

In the Eastern Pacific Ocean: Tropical Storm Sergio is located about 990 mi…1590 km wsw of the southern tip of Baja California with maximum sustained winds…70 mph…110 km/h. Present movement…ene or 65 degrees at 12 mph…19 km/h.

In the Indian Ocean: Tropical cyclone 05a (Luban), located approximately 324 nm east- southeast of Salalah, Oman, is tracking northwestward at 05 knots.

Tropical Cyclone Titli is located approximately 140 nm east-southeast of Calcutta, India, is tracking north-northwestward at 08 knots.


Malaysia – Heavy rains and the high tide phenomenon were the reason for flash floods and pond-like conditions in several parts of Klang here on Tuesday (Oct 9). Besides the rain and high tide phenomenon, clogged drains and bottlenecks in waterways here were another factor for the flooding.

USA – Alabama has been hit by floods ahead of Hurricane Michael which has now passed over Cuba and the Mexican Peninsula.


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