Nepal – Flood-Related Viral Outbreak

After going through the worst flooding in decade which has claimed lives of almost 150 people and left 90,000 homes destroyed, Nepal yet again seems to be facing with another shamble as an epidemic viral outbreak has taken hold of hundreds of flood- affected people in several districts of the country.

The viral outbreak has affected the lives of flood victims, who are now suffering from health problems like fever, cold, diarrhea, headache and skin infections.

Mozambique – Anthrax

Sporadic cases of the bacterial disease, anthrax, is responsible for the deaths of three animals at the Karingani Game Reserve in southwestern Mozambique, according to Dr Américo Da Conceicao, National Director, Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Maputo, Mozambique last week. Two African elephants and one greater kudu (a woodland antelope) fell victim to Bacillus anthracis, the agent of anthrax.

India – Swine Flu

With one more swine flu death reported in Indore on Friday, the death toll of the dreaded disease reached three on Saturday. Meanwhile, after one more patient tested positive of swine flu on Saturday, the total number of affected patients rose to 17 in city.


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