Wildfires – Oregon

Roundup of major wildfires in Oregon, USA

Cinder Butte Fire: The largest active fire in Oregon, at more than 52,400 acres, is believed to be fully contained as of Friday, authorities said. The fire started Aug. 2 about 10 miles west of Riley.

Nena Springs Fire: The Nena Springs Fire near the Warm Springs Indian Reservation continues to be one of the largest active wildfires, burning 34,000 acres of grass, brush and timber slash. Crews are trying to keep flames east of the Beaver Creek drainage and Oregon 3, but several historical buildings have already been burned. Authorities believe a person caused the fire, which has been burning since Tuesday. The fire is 4 percent contained, but crews estimate the fire will be under complete control by next Tuesday. Several area landmarks such as the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort, Charlie Canyon Subdivision and Wolf Point haven’t been directly affected by the fire, but the areas have been issued Level 1 evacuation notices, signifying people should be aware they may have to leave.

Whitewater Fire: The 5,844-acre fire, burning 13 miles east of Detroit in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness area, has closed all trail access points into Jefferson Park, including a 28-mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. It began July 23 and is not expected to be fully contained until the end of October.

Chetco Bar Fire: Nearly 70 firefighters are working to put out this wildfire burning six miles west of Pearsoll Peak. The 5,036-acre fire, believed to have been caused by lightning on July 12, is mostly burning on steep slopes in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Crews estimate the fire will be fully contained by Oct. 15.

Spruce Lake Fire: The Spruce Lake Fire near Crater Lake has burned 4,734 acres and continues to spread. The fire is 31 percent contained. Recent storms and lightning have caused three dozen small fires in the area, ranging from one-tenth of an acre to 20 acres.


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