Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.7 Earthquake hits the Dodecanese Islands – Turkish border region.

At least two tourists have been killed and around 200 others injured after a powerful earthquake shook the Greek Islands and Turkish coast, triggering a small tsunami.

The 6.7-magnitude quake struck in the Aegean Sea on Thursday night south of the Turkish city of Bodrum and east of the small Greek island of Kos – both areas popular with British holidaymakers.

The earthquake triggered a small tsunami that caused flooding in Bodrum and parts of Kos, which took the brunt of the impact with significant damage to buildings.

Tens of thousands of tourists spent the night outdoors on Kos, many sleeping on sunbeds along beaches and in squares.

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5.7 Earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic ridge.

5.5 Earthquakehits Vanuatu.

5.2 Earthquake hits the Komandorskiye Ostrova region, Russia.

5.2 Earthquake hits the Mariana Islands.

5.1 Earthquake hits the Dodecanese Islands – Turkish border region.

5.0 Earthquake hits off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia.

5.0 Earthquake hits New Guinea, Papua New Guinea.

Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm Continues

Researchers have now recorded more than 1,200 earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park, part of an ongoing earthquake swarm now in its sixth week.


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