New fungus outbreak in USA

The Centres for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), warned last year about the possibility of a fungus outbreak in the United States. Now, nine months after the warning, the first cases of the infection have been reported in the country and have alerted health authorities since this disease is severe and deadly.

Almost three dozen people have been reported to have this infection in the last days. This fungus is known for being both deadly and drug-resistant, hence the concern of health authorities of the new outbreak registered.

This particular fungus is a kind of yeast called Candida Auris, and since its discovery, it has been registered in all five continents. Starting in 2009, officials worried about a possible expansion of the disease, as in that year, one patient in Japan presented a severe ear infection thanks to the fungus. In the next seven years, the fungal infection has been present in Colombia, India, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Pakistan, South Korea, Venezuela, and even the United Kingdom.

According to medical observations and analysis, this fungus is known for producing severe bloodstream infections. This disease can also be present in the patient’s ears. It is also known for being resistant to multiple drugs. The Candida Auris can also spread very easily since its attachable to health care settings and can survive there for many days and even months.

Anthrax – Australia

A second anthrax outbreak has been reported in Victoria’s north-west. At least one sheep has died from the disease at a property near Nyah, with a “significant number” of other sheep dying at the site over the past few months. It follows a property near Swan Hill being quarantined last week, with at least one confirmed case of anthrax. Agriculture Victoria said neighbouring properties in Nyah were being assessed and stock vaccinated.


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