Wildfires – Thailand

Authorities reported that a total of 243 bush-fire incidents were reported during the period from February 15 until March 8 with 7,447 rai of forest being destroyed.

Tak province reported the highest bush fire incidence with 64 incidents and 3,452 rai of forest being destroyed. The other bus fire incidents were reported in Lampang, 51 incidents and 1,558 rai of forest destroyed; Phrae, 39 incidents with 662 rai destroyed; Chiang Mai, 32 incidents with 389 rai destroyed; Lamphun, 25 incidents with 652 rai of forest destroyed; Phayao, 11 incidents with 260 rai destroyed; Nan, 9 incidents were 335 rai destroyed; Mae Hong Son, 8 incidents with 61 rai destroyed and Chiang Rai, 4 incidents were 58 rai destroyed.

However, they said that bush-fire incidences this year were less than that of the previous years during the same period, thanks to public campaign for local villagers to refrain from starting bush fires, creation of networks to control bush fires and adoption of preventive measures such as fire prevention trenches and installation of fire alarm system.


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