Romania – Huge Increase in Measles Cases

Romania saw 15 measles cases in 2015. Since 2016, this number has blown-up to 2,165, including 13 fatalities. This is largely due to bogus claims from anti-vaccination campaigns in the country.

Mercury in vaccines, vaccines introduce foreign elements and vaccines cause asthma are some of the arguments made by the anti-vaccination movement. This misinformation has resulted in vaccination rates in the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine falling from 95% of children in 2013 to 80% in 2016, and it continues to drop.

The Ministry of Health has been denouncing “the irresponsible campaigns against the vaccination of children” for months; however, there are many parents who do not vaccinate their children for lack of confidence towards the authorities.

Vanuatu dengue outbreak

The South Pacific Ocean nation island chain of Vanuatu has had an increase in dengue cases since November that exceeds the trends in recent years. The island country has reported 919 suspected and 142 confirmed dengue fever cases as of Jan. 23, according to the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) Friday.


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