Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

No current tropical storms.


California, USA – California has been hit by seven days of major rain storms, causing flooding all over the state and prompting evacuations. More heavy rain is forecasted for the Golden State in the coming days. After six years of drought, parts of California have received record amounts of rain, causing rivers to flood, roads to close, trees to fall, power to go out and businesses to shut down. The National Weather Service (NWS) issued several warnings across the state, and authorities have advised thousands of Californians to evacuate their homes after rivers overflowed. Just outside of the state capital, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department advised 2,000 residents of Wilton to leave their homes. In Sonoma County, 3,000 residents were placed under an evacuation advisory as the Russian River flooded by more than 35 feet on Monday. In Guerneville, the river gushed into residential areas, where residents used canoes to help their neighbours evacuate their homes, which were submerged under several feet of water. Along with the rain, northern California was hit with record snowfall at the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in central California, which reported 15 new feet of snow in the past six days.


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