Mosquitoes Multiply

Mosquito populations have multiplied by as much as 10 times over the last half- century in New York, New Jersey and California, but scientists say it’s not because of changes in climate.

The number of mosquito species in those areas also increased two to four times. Researchers from the University of California, Santa Cruz say the resurgence is mainly the result of expanding cities and the waning concentrations of the notorious pesticide DDT, still lingering in the environment nearly 50 years after its widespread use was banned.

“Everyone knew DDT was an extremely effective insecticide, but I was surprised by how long-lasting its effects were,” said lead researcher Marm Kilpatrick.

High Living Plants

The highest-living plants on Earth have been found growing at the lofty elevation of 20,177 feet on a small southwest-facing patch of slope in northern India.

Czech Academy of Sciences botanist Jiri Dolezal found the six species of vascular plants after hiking five days into the thin air of the high Himalayas.

The tiny plants contain a high-sugar “antifreeze” and have features that enable them to survive long and bitter winters in the arid alpine conditions.

Dolezal said the plants appear to be new arrivals, and theorizes their seeds blew in and survived so high because of a warming climate.


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