Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

No current tropical storms.


Japan – A snowstorm has claimed the life of one person in Obihiro city in Hokkaido, Japan. On Tuesday, at least 19 people were injured in traffic accidents in Hokkaido caused by low visibility amid the heavy snowfall. Hokkaido is expected to brace for its worst blizzard in years on Tuesday, and airlines and railways halted some operations.

Sumatra – Heavy rains since Friday (05/02) have caused severe landslides and flooding in several parts of West Sumatra, killing seven and forcing thousands to flee while also destroying key local infrastructure. The worst affected districts are Agam, South Solok, Lima Puluh Kota and Solok. On Monday, floods in various parts of the province reached up to one-and-a-half meters deep. At least 2,000 homes and 100 hectares of paddy fields in South Solok as well as 100 houses in Nagari Pangkalan subdistrict of Lima Puluh Kota were hit by the floods. In the latter subdistrict, one man was carried away by strong currents only to be found dead later on.

Peru – The authorities in Peru are sending the military to help areas affected by floods that have afflicted several parts of the country. Scientists blame El Niño, the warm ocean current, for the heavy rains that turned roads into rivers in Arequipa, setting cars adrift in the torrent. The southern province has been particularly badly hit; at least two people were reportedly killed. Local media reported that 3,000 people in the area had been left homeless, with 30,000 affected. The Andean nation has struggled for over a week to cope with violent weather that has also caused landslides and power cuts.

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