Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

No current tropical storms.


Australia – Port Lincoln is experiencing severe flooding after being hit by the remnants of Cyclone Stan more than 3,200km away. The city located on the Eyre Peninsula in the Australian experienced strong rainfall after ex-Cyclone Stan crossed the South Australian border last night. The rain has hampered drivers and businesses with reports that there was 50mm of rain recorded at 9am with an additional 20mm recorded at lunchtime.

Atlantic Ocean – Global Weather Oscillations says the 2016 – 2017 Atlantic hurricane season will be the strongest in over 4 years. GWO has issued the most accurate predictions of any organization over the past 7 years, and says – unlike the past three hurricane seasons that were dominated by hostile atmospheric conditions that subdued hurricane activity since 2013, and during the 2015 El Niño season – The next few years will be in a “Climate Pulse Hurricane Enhancement Cycle” that will provide very favourable conditions for development of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Argentina – An invasion of poisonous snakes washed downriver in recent floods forced authorities to close beaches to summer holidaymakers in northern Argentina, officials said Monday. Floodwaters in the Rio Plata and Rio Parana carried a species of water lily and with it countless crawling, slithering creatures, south to beaches at the mouths of those rivers near Buenos Aires.

United Kingdom – Village suffers ‘biblical’ non stop rain for 81 DAYS and even the livestock are ‘depressed’. Rain has fallen every day in the Welsh village of Eglwyswrw since October 26 and residents, farmers and their animals are all fed up.

Australia – Darling Downs residents have been warned to brace for a massive storm and ‘super cell’ expected to reach the region tomorrow, bringing with it damaging weather conditions. Higgins Storm Chasers have issued a warning with a surface and upper trough bringing large hail, up to 8cm in diameter, damaging winds over 90 km/hr, heavy rain with flash flooding and frequent lightning. The system will peak on Friday as a very potent storm set up.

USA – Winter storm in Midwest; tornadoes punch Deep South – Heavy snow and high winds continued to sweep across much of the Midwest with near-blizzard force on Tuesday, causing highway closures in Nebraska and flight cancellations in Colorado. Nasty weather also hammered the South, with tornado warnings issued in Mississippi and Alabama. At least two tornadoes hit Mississippi.

Ethiopia – ‘Fish Rain’ in Dire Dawa. Unusual fish-rain occurred on Sunday at 11; 30 pm in Dire Dawa City Eastern part of Ethiopia for a few minutes both in rural and urban areas. This typically happens when a cyclone offshore sucks up water from the ocean along with fish and deposits the moisture as rain over land.

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