Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.4 Earthquake hits Chiapas, Mexico.

5.4 Earthquake hits the Svalbard region.

5.0 Earthquake hits the Mauritius-Reunion region.

Two 5.0 Earthquakes hit the southern Mid-Atlantic ridge.

5.0 Earthquake hits near the coast of southern Peru.


Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Tropical cyclone (tc) 05s (Bansi), located approximately 191 nm north-northwest of Port Louis, Mauritius, and is tracking eastward at 07 knots.


Turkey – Roads to 357 villages have been closed because of heavy snow in eastern Anatolia. An avalanche in Turkey’s northeastern Trabzon region has claimed the life of a worker and trapped four others.

Australia – Motorists have been stranded and tram services suspended on the Gold Coast when flash flooding caused chaos. Heavy rain dumped more than 100mm in just two hours on parts of the Gold Coast late on Sunday evening. The weather wreaked havoc, with flash flooding forcing people to abandon their cars.

1201 flood2 sp


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

Etna (Sicily, Italy): Explosions and ash emissions of moderate intensity continue from the Voragine crater.

Bardarbunga (Central Iceland): Lava effusion continues at high rates and enlarges the lava field, now covering more than 84 square kilometers. It has crossed the track Dyngjufjallaleið and stretched onto the older lava of Þorvaldshraun.

Fogo (Cape Verde): The eruption seems to be coming to an end. There are no new reports of lava effusion or explosive activity at the vents since 8 January, when small strombolian explosions could still be observed. Gas emission measurements show a clear decreasing trend as well, but it is still too early to declare the end of the eruption because the possibility of a new batch of magma rising from depth cannot be ruled out yet.

Chirpoi (Kurile Islands, Russia): A thermal anomaly remains visible on cloud-free satellite images over Snow, a volcano of Chirpoi. The Aviation Color Code remained at Yellow.

Chirinkotan (Northern Kuriles): Minor activity persists at the volcano. A thermal anomaly over Chirinkotan was detected in cloud-free satellite images on 30 December. Aviation Color Code remains at Yellow.

Slamet (Central Java): PVMBG reported that during 1 November-5 January white plumes rose at most 1.5 km above Slamet’s crater. RSAM values fluctuated but decreased overall in December through 5 January. Deformation and geochemical data showed no significant changes. The Alert Level was lowered to 2 (on a scale of 1-4) on 5 January. Residents and tourists were warned to not approach the crater within a radius of 2 km.

Tangkubanparahu (West Java): The volcano was placed on higher alert level (2 on a scale 1-4) on 31 Dec, as signs of volcanic unrest have recently been increasing (deformation, seismic activity). An exclusion zone of 1.5 km radius around the crater is in place.

Shishaldin (United States, Aleutian Islands): Seismicity at the volcano remains slightly elevated, but no signs of significant activity have been noted recently, only some steam emissions were observed occasionally. AVO maintains Aviation Color Code “Orange” and Volcano Alert Level “Watch”.