Fireball Fragments

The fireball and sonic boom which were seen and heard from western Navada to the Sacramento Valley on 22 April 2012, were caused by a minivan-sized meteorite. Numerous fragments have been found composed of the very rare substance carbonaceous chondrite which is older than the sun. Only about 1 percent of meteorites are composed of this substance, which can fetch as much as $ 1 000 a gram on the open market.


Flood and Drought in Brazil

The Brazilian Amazon region is under a state of emergency for one of the worst floods ever; while the north-eastern region of the country is suffering the worst drought in 30 years.

It has been suggested that the systematic de-forestation of large areas of the catchment basin of the Amazon is partly responsible for the severity of the floods.


The drought on Maui, Hawaii is reaching serious proportions for farmers, many of whom may need state assistance to survive.

A drought watch has been declared for central and eastern Maryland, USA.

The recent blistering drought in Texas, USA has killed millions of shade trees around the State’s cities.

Floods in Africa

Floods in the Magarini, Malindi and Muranga districts in Kenya cause substantial damage to crops and force at least 3 000 families from their homes.

Mild flooding in the Caprivi in Namibia. However the humanitarian situation in the area is serious.